7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Hair

Changing one’s hairstyle and even color can sometimes seem like a huge commitment to some women and even men. Yet all of us feel the need from time to time to change our hairstyle if just to give us a different look to maybe see what a different style or color will look like or to give us temporary new hairstyle. With this in mind, we have decided to take the time to give a few simple tips on how to change up your hair that maybe you haven’t thought of and some temporary fun-filled ways to change things ups as well.

1. Rearrange you hair

Sometimes it’s a simple as just changing the way you comb your hair that can make all the difference. For example, if you part your hair the side try parting it down the middle. Better yet forgo a part altogether and just comb the hair back. This can work for those with bangs and without them. In fact, having bangs can add to the fun because these can also be rearranged as well from going to the side or even creating somewhat of a feathering like look.

2 Go wavy

Forget the expensive commitment of a spiral perm. Creating a temporary wave in the hair is a simple process for women. All it takes is braiding their hair at night than removing the braid the next morning. Tighter the braid the wavier the hair will seem.

3. Use Hair chalk or Koolaid

Looking for a way to give your hair radical color that is temporary if only at the hair tips than use one of these. Hair chalk is sold over the counter is primarily used at the hair tips to add some radical colors such as bright orange, red or pink just to name a few of the colors available on the market. As for koolaid may seem like a silly thing to use on the hair, but like hair chalk, it is only temporary and will wash out with the first shampoo. Although hair chalk comes with instructions to use koolaid just choose a color then mix it with your favorite conditioner than work into hair to add a unique color that will wash out easily.

4. Pull the hair up

An updo will always give your hair a different look. This can include piling the hair up to make a high ponytail or put it up in a bun. Either way, this is a great fun way to pull back long hair to create a different style.

5. Use a Gloss

Glosses for the hair have become all the rage these days. There are several different brands of glosses on the market for various hair types and colors. A gloss will help the hair to achieve a more healthy vibrant shine. A common misconception about a gloss is that it’s like hair dye but that isn’t the case whereas hair dye goes directly into the follicle of the hair, glosses tend to remain more on the surface sort of like the gloss used on pottery.

6. Use clip-on to add Hair Volume

Thinking about hair extensions, but not sure about the commitment or the expense involved well than try clip-on extensions first. These supply the added volume give added length to short hair, give the look of bangs or layers creating a more sexy sultry look. The possibilities are endless and using clip-on’s can truly change up the hair in a big yet simple way.

7. Add a few highlights to hair

Yes, a bit more of a commitment than some of the other suggestings but this one can add some lighter hair around the face can brighten up a person’s overall appearance. Some highlights also help to brighten up drab hair as well. Highlighting kits are sold over the counter in drug stores, grocery stores, and beauty supply stores. However, for those who don’t want to attempt to do this themselves, there is always going to the beauty salon to have it done.

There you have it seven simple ways to change up your hair to give you a new look. But these are just a few examples, the best advice is to do more research about the various ways that you can change up your hair. There are also wonderful informative videos that can be watched online that are done by actual professional hair stylist about various ways we can change up our hair. The bottom line is there are several different ways to change up your hair without having the make a major commitment with a haircut you may not like or a hair color that just doesn’t work. Our hair is part of our overall appearance it also makes a fashion statement as much as the clothes we wear, so we want to always have a hair style that truly complements our personal style.